[TenTec] Help with Ham Radio Deluxe and Orion

John T. Fleming john at w3gqj.net
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The 712 is strictly for running digital modes. It will not control HRD. You
need a USB to serial adapter to connect to the serial port on the Orion.

I returned the 712 because it does not generate a "port". I could not
control which programs were triggering the USB sound card in the 712. When I
clicked with the mouse in other programs than the digital program when I had
multiple programs that I was using, I would trip the PTT circuit. I am not
sure how they determine the PTT trigger, but it seemed that every time a
"click" noise was made by the computer, the PTT triggered. If you only run
one program open at a time, it is fine.

I am running Vista 32 and Windows 7 64 bit. Both of those operating systems
would not release the PTT on one digital program. When I tried my XP laptop,
everything released OK. So I have gone back to my RASCAL and the USB to
serial adapter. It worked fine except for Windows 7. Researching my USB to
serial adapter, it is not designed to work with a 64 bit system. :-{


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I have HRD 4.1 running with my Orion II but have no experience with the T-T 
 712.  I am using the US Interface Navigator.  Once I found the right  com 
port for CAT (in my case COM6) I set the HRD configuration for 57K and told

it to connect to the O II.  It went straight through.
73 Ray W2RS
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Has  anyone had experience with using Ham Radio Deluxe and an Orion II?

I  have it working fine with the PSK program in HRD but for some reason  the
rig control program in HRD is not seeing the rig when first entering  the
program.  I have tried several different settings on the com ports  and
I am using the new Ten Tec Model 712 USB soundcard digital  mode adapter.  
is an easy hookup and seems to be working on all of  my digital programs but
HRD rig control.

Any one using the 712 with  an Orion II?

Thanks and  73,


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