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David, what I have heard as the worst complaint against PayPal is the rate
they charge.
I pay 2.9%.  I get my credit card services for less.

But, if you move money internationally, a Swift transfer costs you at least
$30 to $40 and takes days.
I haven't found any way to execute one myself from my PC here in the states.
In Europe I can send a Swift transfer by logging into my bank and initiating

PayPal is good until you start transferring large sums of money.
(and it sure is convenient and fast).
For large sums of money, PayPal costs too much.
Their exchange rates are bad as well when you work in multiple currencies.


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I have purchased and sold lots of stuff on ebay I have never had any
As for PayPal, it's great. I would rather use pay pal, than give my credit
card information to a stranger. I use it all the time. Heck I just purchased
two Scaf filter kits today with PaypaI I have no idea why hams are so
against Paypal, it works very well. When I want to sell something on ebay,
or qth.com, or any other site, I always insist on Paypal because I get the
funds within seconds, and will know right away if the buyer is a flake! As
for the buyer, using Paypal means the item is shipped quickly. No waiting
for the mail, or making a trip to stand in line at the post office for a
money order. This is today, not the dark ages.

Just my small rant!

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