[TenTec] Orion 565 Key clicks (Karl Seper)

karl.seper at amway.com karl.seper at amway.com
Mon Jul 25 07:17:48 PDT 2011

Yesterday while hunting for ST0R, a friend and fellow DX'er that lives 
about a mile away communicated to me that I had Key Clicks in my Orion (I 
was running barefoot at the time).  I stopped transmitting and started to 
check it out. 

1. Hooked up an o-scope to look at the keying waveform - looked ok to my 
untrained eyes.
2. Listened on another receiver (that I disconnected the antenna from) 
(running 5W now) and yes up to 5 KHz above and below the passband I heard 
unmodulated noise.  Center of passband sounded ok.
3. Checked PS voltage under load - and found that it was >13.5V.
4. Checked all power connections - all ok.
5. Set the CW rise time to 10ms - no improvement

A few other tidbits that may or not be related.

1. Also, since I purchased this radio used, the data communication to the 
N1MM or DX LabSuite Commander does not begin until after the rig is on for 
about 5 minutes or so - almost like not enough voltage on the RS-232.
2. The LED's at the analog meter are very dim, sometimes come up to normal 
brightness, but unpredicatble,



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