[TenTec] Orion 565 Key clicks (Karl Seper)

Barry N1EU barry.n1eu at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 09:30:10 PDT 2011

I'm not sure the modulated noise you're hearing are the keyclicks -
that noise might be normal when you're so close to the transmitter.
So that noise alone might not be a good indicator of whether things
improved by slowing down the rise time.

I would just do a master reset if you haven't done one recently and
set your rise time at 8msec (that's where it needs to be to avoid
transmitting keyclicks).

Solicit click reports on the air after that and see what folks report.

73, Barry N1EU

On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 10:17 AM,  <karl.seper at amway.com> wrote:
> Yesterday while hunting for ST0R, a friend and fellow DX'er that lives
> about a mile away communicated to me that I had Key Clicks in my Orion (I
> was running barefoot at the time).  I stopped transmitting and started to
> check it out.
> 1. Hooked up an o-scope to look at the keying waveform - looked ok to my
> untrained eyes.
> 2. Listened on another receiver (that I disconnected the antenna from)
> (running 5W now) and yes up to 5 KHz above and below the passband I heard
> unmodulated noise.  Center of passband sounded ok.
> 3. Checked PS voltage under load - and found that it was >13.5V.
> 4. Checked all power connections - all ok.
> 5. Set the CW rise time to 10ms - no improvement
> A few other tidbits that may or not be related.
> 1. Also, since I purchased this radio used, the data communication to the
> N1MM or DX LabSuite Commander does not begin until after the rig is on for
> about 5 minutes or so - almost like not enough voltage on the RS-232.
> 2. The LED's at the analog meter are very dim, sometimes come up to normal
> brightness, but unpredicatble,
> Thoughts?
> Karl
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