[TenTec] Connector tightening

Clayton Brantley clayton_n4ev at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 27 18:41:34 PDT 2011

I always change the PL259 out to type N.  PL259 is not a 50 ohm connector and leaves an impedance
bump on the line.  That connector became the default connector after WWII but is somewhere around
93 ohms.  That's why I change them out, not to mention that they have a way of backing off a bit.

Use a wrench to get another 30 degrees????  Why not weld the coax to the radio and be done with it?

Clayton N4EV

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> For any type of quality RF connector (this does NOT include "UHF" 
> PL-255/SO-239 connectors) with knurled shells, additional tightening 
> beyond finger tight does not help to make a better connection. 
Oops...I meant PL-259, not 255
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