[TenTec] Connector tightening

Stuart Rohre rohre at arlut.utexas.edu
Thu Jul 28 15:00:03 PDT 2011

In use of PL 259 UHF connectors, you would be hard put to see any real 
detriment at HF bands, per measurements with Antenna Analyzers on the 

However, a key step overlooked by hams is to first seat the inner part 
of the plug that has two "teeth" such that the teeth of the PL 259 part 
are seated into the gear teeth 'valleys' of the receptacle.  THEN, you 
bring up the shell and tighten it.  Much less likely to work loose if 
the whole process is followed as intended.  It is an easy thing to miss 
the first time around, been there done that.

Stuart Rohre

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