[TenTec] Orion 1 and Orion 2 advice

Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Fri Mar 4 14:17:23 PST 2011

Karl... feel free to email me about a ham radio luncheon group
that meets in GR on Fridays...  also... you MUST know your
neighbor NF8J, Paul ?  Nice guy.   I am in Wyoming near Wilson and 56th.
you can reach me at :  my call sign @ARRL.net

Good luck on the transceiver hunt... I have the Omni VII.  You mention
buying a new rig to "replace" the Yaesu... I hope you can keep it AND
get the Orion of your choice, as I have found that radios, like guitars,
cars, and cameras,... you get attached to them.   Even like little
brothers...  if you sell him off to the Gypsies... after awhile you sorta
miss the little blighter and want him back just for old time's sake.

Anyway... good luck however you manage it !

Happy Trails.
=======================  Richards / K8JHR  =========================

On 3/3/2011 2:51 PM, Karl Seper wrote:

I have the opportunity to
> purchase a new rig to replace my Yaesu ft 897d.  The Yaesu is fine and I
> have about 250 countries on it with my log antenna and rebuilt SB-200.
> I am between a Orion 1 and Orion 2 - Flexradio, K3 are out of the
> running.  I will be looking to purchase used in either case.  From what
> I can tell from the specs, either radio has a tremendous receiver and
> the user interface is about the same for the two radios.  From a
> reliability, age, availability of parts, etc your thoughts on the pro's
> and con's.  Thanks in advance.  Respond to the reflector or privately to
> kd8gox at arrl.net.  - Karl
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