[TenTec] 715

ROD w3krq at dejazzd.com
Sat Mar 5 08:51:10 PST 2011

I got  ferite cores at Radio Shack and put them on the small cable from the 
715 to the mike input on 0rion. No more rf.

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Rod I am using one with my Orion and have not had any rf issues. Have been 
very happy with its performance.

Steve  W1DXH

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I just received a ten tec 715 rf speech processor and I have rf for the 
ime at my station .It is there when I have it hooked to my orion does not
atter if it isin or out I remove the mike from the 715 and hook it up to my
rion no rf. any one else had trouble. 73 ROD
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