[TenTec] Do not do what I did.

george fritkin georgefritkin at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 12 15:01:48 PST 2011

I re-configured my station.  I added some new gear and when you have 18 
operating positions all with linears it is a major task.  One position has an 
ORION ll.  When checking all positions I discovered a problem with the ORION ll. 
 It would power up ok and I heard RX noise but not stations.  Checked all bands 
nothing. I used another radio in the shack, but ORION could not hear the radio 
next to it! Well, before boxing it up I thought I would give the transmit a try. 
 When I grabbed the push to talk button on the mic I found the PTT switch was 
now.  I pushed it off, but still nothing no signals just noise.  Well, I figured 
I would cycle the power and when I did the ORION was back to life!  How the PTT 
was on I do not know.  I just thought I would pass this along.

George, W6GF



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