[TenTec] Jupiter

Steve Berg wa9jml at tbc.net
Sun Mar 20 13:28:24 PDT 2011

Yours' is an interesting comment, George.  For some reason, I notice 
that my Argonaut II keeps displacing the larger radios, like my Corsair 
II and the Omni V, off the operating desk.  I know the big ones have 
much better receivers, more transmitting power, and more features than 
the smaller radio, but it is just more fun to use.

When I visited the factory in November, I got a chance to try out an 
Eagle there in the shack, and it is the radio that my Argonaut would 
like to be.  I hope to get an Eagle soon.

Steve WA9JML

On 3/19/2011 7:07 PM, george fritkin wrote:
> You are welcome,Rip.  The Eagle is small, but the Knobs and display, even for my
> old eyes, are OK.  Last night on 75 checking into some nets I used the OMNIVll
> and the Eagle.  I am and old engineer and entrepreneur and I hate to use terms
> like this, but the Eagle has "charm" the OMNI is just another radio!!
> George, W6GF

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