[TenTec] new radio

Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Tue May 10 19:20:23 PDT 2011

   Hmmm....  let's see... new rigs at Dayton...

Alinco has recently released a new receiver, the DX-R8T/E,   and a new 
transceiver,  the DX-SR8T/E  HF rig,   and they are interesting if not 

I thought Icom just released the  IC-9100 and the IC-7410, which look a 
lot like their predessor models, respectively.

TEN-TEC released the Eagle about the same time  (a bit earlier I think) 
and there is a lot new in that - entirely new - and also looks like a 
nice rig.

TEN-TEC also released those dual band QRP rigs this past year (I think 
this year...)

Yaesu recently released the FT-450D  (does not look like much new in 
that one either...)

Kenwood released its new TS-950 a couple of months back - a lot new 
there - looks like a nice rig.

The K3 keeps getting updated as they go... new features, fixed features, 
so that is of interest if you have not looked at it lately.

There is an updated or new HF receivers from   WinRadio.

Seems like there are a couple of other SDR type receivers on the market 
in the last few months... not sure, but that comes to mind... but then, 
my mind is all jumbled much of the time.

There are several HTs from overseas now on the market,   bearing brands 
like Wouxun,  TYT,  and some others.  And I thought Kenwood came out 
with a new or updated HT this year.

Seems like Uniden came out with its Home-Patrol scanner receiver, and 
GRE also came out with the GRE-410  (updating the GRE-400) and also came 
out with a new easy to use scanning receiver, the PSR-800 which is 
somewhat similar to the Uniden Home-Patrol.

This is just from memory... there may be other new rigs to see at Dayton 
this year.... but they are not coming to mind right now.

Happy Trails.
=======================  Richards / K8JHR  =========================

On 5/10/2011 3:59 PM, John Molenda wrote:
> Has anyone herd of any new radios for the Dayton hamvention this year ?
> Anything new and exciting to look forward to  ?


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