[TenTec] Inrad audio mod details (Omni 6)?

Barry N1EU barry.n1eu at gmail.com
Mon May 23 04:16:49 PDT 2011

Does anybody have the component replacement info from the Inrad audio
mod for the Omni 6?  I'm talking about their inexpensive component
kit, not the 2.8Khz filters.

On related O6 audio issues, I've found:

1. the minimum notch frequency with the control fully ccw is 240hz, so
the notch filter needs to be bypassed if you want to get much low-end
extension on ssb rx audio.  A gain stage probably needs to be added
between product detector and dsp if the notch filter IC is bypassed

2. the dsp is providing -25dB of needed hiss reduction above 3400hz.
I'm not sure what effect the dsp does/doesn't have on the low end of
the rx passband.

Barry N1EU

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