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James C. Owen, III k4cgy_list at yahoo.com
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All Heil Headsets and maybe desk tops also come with the 1/8" plugs so that a 
Heil headset can be used with any brand of rig. What is needed is the ten-tec 
adapter cable available through Heil. If you have other brands then buy the 
adapter for them (Kenwood, Icom etc).
73 Jim K4CGY

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1)   Oops...  Not owning a HEIL Proset ... I missed the fact it comes 
with a 1/8 inch phone plug.    Another list member politely told me 
that, also...   Apparently, I need to be more rigorous when doing my 

2)    With due deference to HEIL headsets which I concede are VERY 
popular among ham operators,  I do not think of HEIL headsets when 
thinking state of the art in headset connectivity.    While 
acknowledging the popularity of HEIL headsets among hams,  HEIL is only 
one among a bevy of headset manufacturers in the overall audio market, 
and the 1/8 inch phone plug is NOT a standard connector except at HEIL's 

I have been a headset junkie for many years, and I am confident, except, 
perhaps, for the HEIL products mentioned,  a 1/8 inch mono plug is NOT 
standard equipment on these things.   I either own now, or have owned, 
headsets by Sennheiser, Shure, AudioTechinica, BeyerDynamic, Eartec, 
Telex, AKG, Andrea Electronics, Samson, Knowles, Emkay, and many more. 
  I am familiar with the Pro-Com and Clear-Com lines and with the top 
selling selling aviation headset lines.

Outside the HEIL line, these things do not commonly come with 1/8 inch 
mono phone plugs.    I only have one headset, the Shure, the HW-501, 
discontinued in the late 1990s, that has a 1/8 inch mono phone plug.

That is just MY take, anyway...  I guess I am guilty of confusing the 
ham radio headset market (i.e., HEIL sets)  with the broader headset 
market, in general.


I am thinking the easiest solution is to either buy a pile of battery 
boxes to provide the required bias voltage,... or make some up myself... 
  instead of
trying to modify the innards of the Model 715, itself.   I guess the 
bottom line is that I would have wired it for bias voltage, had it been 
my original design;  and of anyone used a mono dynamic mic connector, 
the bias voltage on the ring would shunt to ground on the plug shaft. 
  That would make it work like a computer sound card.


Happy Trails.
=======================  Richards / K8JHR  =========================

On 5/26/2011 16:21, Barry N1EU wrote:

> If there is A standard in terms of mics/headsets, it could be argued
> that it's the Heil Pro Set and YES, it provides a 1/8 mono plug.  At
> least my two Pro Sets bought in the 2000's both are wired with a 1/8
> mono plug for the mic and 1/8 stereo plug for the headset.
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