[TenTec] Re. [Ten Tec] Grounds

Stuart Rohre rohre at arlut.utexas.edu
Wed Jan 25 12:30:22 PST 2012

Wade probably has some critical resonant length of feedline that feeds 
RF back to this station from the antennas when his good earth bonds are 
not connected.

In this case, he has done a good job of earthing his station.  The only 
improvement any ham can make is to always use copper ribbon in place of 
round wires, to have lower inductance in that ground lead.

Usually, a feedline should not be a quarter wave odd multiple in length 
at any band you use.  Use of a balanced antenna tuner with open wire 
feeders is best, but you can use a high quality line choke or 1:1 balun 
in many cases, and 4:1 in other cases.  Sometimes, you have to try it 
out to find the best balun set up.

-Stuart Rohre

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