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I stand corrected, my memory is good but short <g>. I went back and looked
at the article. The single tuner was at the far end. That did make it easier
to adjust it while looking at the uW meter. At maximum output, it still
reflected an impedance back to the generator that provided maximum output.

Regards, Joel Hallas, W1ZR
Westport, CT

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Thank you for that explanation.

I was puzzled because neither in the text nor in the block diagram of 
the test setup is there any mention of a tuner at the signal generator 
end, and I can only see one tuner being used for the back-to-back tests 
in the Figure 4 photograph.

I see some practical difficulties in adjusting the two tuners: the tuner 
at the generator end will need to be adjusted whilst watching the 
microvoltmeter at the load end 95ft away; and because the settings of 
the two tuners will be interdependent it will necessary to iterate the 
adjustments several times - not easy when they are 95ft apart.

Steve G3TXQ

On 27/01/2012 17:17, Joel Hallas wrote:
> Steve,
> Good questions, and this goes back some time, as I remember it, we had the
> line going into a 9:1 balun at each end. On the distant end, where the
> microwattmeter was, we had the 50 ohm termination of the wattmeter. At the
> generator end, on the coax side of the balun, we had a pi-network tuner
> old 100 W tentec, appropriate for this forum). For each test at each
> frequency, I adjusted the tuner for maximum response at the far end. My
> conclusion is that the line was thus matched to the generator at each test
> point. Whatever the transformed impedance of the far end (meter load) was
> the generator was matched for maximum power transfer to the system at
> whatever impedance it was.
> I hope that makes sense, and makes you more comfortable with our
> Regards, Joel Hallas
> Westport, CT
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