[TenTec] TT 580 Delta

Mike Hyder -N4NT- Mike_N4NT at charter.net
Sat Jul 21 04:48:53 PDT 2012

When down at Ten-Tec once, I saw the late Al Kahn's car parked in the lot. 
He used the 580 Delta as his mobile rig.

I've owned two of 580's, Argosy analog & digital, a 544, an Omni-C and a 
Corsair II. Of those I owned, my least favorite was the Corsair II. I'm sure 
it was technically the "best," but it had a 'rushing' sound in the received 
audio that I did not care for. The 580 Delta and the others did not have 
that sound. I thought there was a 'Ten-Tec sound' that was quiet, the 
signals seeming to materialize out of the quiet. All had it except the 
Argosy and Corsair II rigs. The Argosy developed the Ten-Tec sound when I 
replaced its 4-pole SSB filter with the model 220, 8-pole SSB filter which 
gave vastly superior reception even on CW (no phone here). The Corsair II 
came close to the Ten-Tec sound when its audio came through an Autek QF-1A.

I only used the 580 Deltas at my home station and never worked contests or 
DX with it. For my use it was a great rig.

73, Mike Hyder  -N4NT-

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>I have a curiosity only question.
> Of all of the TT radios talked about here, I do not think the 580 has been
> discussed.
> I am not looking for one, but just curious if they were a good radio, or
> they had a lot of faults.
> 73 Paul 

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