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Bob McGraw - K4TAX RMcGraw at Blomand.net
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Usually with a dynamic element, as well as certain others, either wire can 
be connected as + or - as you choose.  Ideally and in theory, when the 
diaphram is compressed one wire will be + and the other - thus the 
designation.  In a single element condition, frankly it makes no difference. 
In a multi-element condition ideally each element should produce a positive 
voltage with compression of the diaphram.

In many mike elements the voltage swing from + to - is not equal.  Thus we 
old AM folks find that reversing the leads of a mike will produce greater 
positive modulation of the AM waveform.  This is preferable.  In the case of 
SSB, I haven't been able to determine that it maks any difference.

Bob, K4TAX

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> OK... I knew this would happen...  I re-tested the whole mess, and I think 
> I have a new clue:
>     * One of the wires to the microphone element
> is tied to ground.
>     * So... I conclude the one is    mic (+) hot, and
> the one tied to ground is  mic (-).
> So... NOW I suppose I need to figure how to avoid that PIN 1 PROBLEM Jim 
> Brown is forever harping on !   The last thing I need is a lot of buzzing 
> on the microphone input.
> So, I THINK the question becomes:
> Can I safely presume the above conclusion,
> that the mic (+) is the isolated line, while
> mic (-) is tied to the headset ground wire ?
> (Geeze I hope this makes sense to you guys... I am
> still new at this, but enjoy making stuff for the shack.)
> THANKS for any input you can provide.
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> On 9/29/2012 7:23 PM, Richards wrote:
>> Hi -- I am back at it... trying to match a headset to my Omni VII.
>> Background:
>>      The headset is a KOSS 3000, originally intended for
>>      Kenwood commercial handheld.  It came with an
>>      odd sort of "universal plug" - and I think I have the
>>      wiring schema down.    I think.
>>      The mic capsule is hopelessly hermetically sealed
>>      in the boom arm end.   I can access the two lead
>>      wires to perform a continuity test, but have no
>>      idea which of the two wires is hot and which is
>>      ground.
>>      KOSS won't tell me anything about the wiring
>>      scheme.
>> The Question:
>>      Is there an easy test one can do to with his
>>      trusty multi meter to discern which lead
>>      is hot and which is ground on the mic cartridge?
>> Thanks.   Happy trails.
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