[TenTec] [Ten-Tec-Omni-VII] Tentec Hamfest

Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Wed Oct 3 22:06:09 EDT 2012

I agree...   Bob has been a huge help to me.

I purchased an Omni VII as my very first ham radio.  I got severely 
flamed for my very first question on the Omni VII discussion group. 
Only Bob and a guy named Al gave me serious, courteous answers.  Then 
John Henry posted a reply that said he agreed with me, and within a few 
days produced a firmware revision that addressed and solved the problem 
I had asked about.   John Henry gave me credibility, but Bob and Al gave 
me old fashioned ham courtesy.

That convinced me I would enjoy my TenTec experience.

-----------------------  K8JHR  ------------------------

On 10/2/2012 7:25 PM, John Occhipinti wrote:

  the personification of the ultimate Ambassador for Amateur Radio.


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