[TenTec] OT: Question about TS-590 possible problem

Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP Rick at DJ0IP.de
Mon Oct 8 11:20:24 EDT 2012

James,  I DON'T HAVE THE PROBLEM.  One of my customers does, and he answers
his emails once per day.
My last email from him, yesterday, said he would bring in a K2 and TS-850
and try with those two rigs.
He didn't say when he would have time to do that.

I have found 3 concrete cases where the EXACT same problem has occurred.
One case on the East coast, you know the guy who at the FD site, measured
the TS-590 with an HP Spectrum Analyzer and proved it had broadband noise.
It was replaced by an OM7, using the same battery, same antenna, and same
frequency and the problem was gone.  The 590 was put back in and the problem
reappeared.  It's the TS-590 my friend.

But is it ALL 590's?
Probably not.
I have two concrete cases, one stateside FD site and one stateside well
known contester who ran multiple 590s without any problems.

What's going on?
One thing for certain, it is not the two baluns in the two Spiderbeams,
which the customer thought he would have to take down and rebuild!

ALL MY EXPERIENCE is what told me immediately it was the rig.  I have see
about a dozen rigs that cause this exact same problem.  Add the odd 590 to
the list.  It's Kenwood's damn problem to fix, not mine.  I dislike Kenwood
but was open to liking them again.  Seeing how they handle this one will
determine if they remain on or come off of my shit list! ;-)


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On 10/7/2012 4:10 AM, Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP wrote:

> We are simply asking for experience with the TS-590.
> I'm thinking the TS-590 is a random noise generator!
> After receiving information I have received (off-reflector) I honestly 
> believe that.

		OK... perhaps you should take this up with
		the guys on the 590 reflector.  (not a flame,
		a serious suggestion.)

		Sheesh... with all that "experience" you tout,
		you would think you would have either
		1) discovered the problem before embarking on
		the mission,  or  2)  figured a solution.  In any
		case, your experience should have run this
		off at the pass.

		If the rig is such a bad rig... why are there no
		noises about it on the 590 reflectors?   This is
		the first I have heard of this potential issue,
		and I have monitored the 590 list for a long

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