[TenTec] Dipole Over Pool Enclosure

Ken Shutt kgshutt at cox.net
Mon Oct 15 14:07:24 EDT 2012

Don't forget your antenna rotor either.  The rotor control cable and the ac 
cord should also be disconnected to keep lighting strikes out of your 
station equipment.

Ken - W5KQ

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That's an excellent point and not one that is often discussed, Bob.
The best protection is always "Not Connected To ANYTHING".

Some commercial radio stations keep a "totally divorced from everything"
These have all of the power, audio, control and antenna connectors
packed together in a container, along with
wiring diagrams and deployment instructions.

Some companies also keep a few emergency units on wheels that can be
trucked in to where they are needed.

Lightning is a nasty beast. There are no guarantees, even if all of the
rules are meticulously followed.

73, Mike, NM7X

On 10/13/2012 8:41 PM, Bob McGraw - K4TAX wrote:
> Jim's comment is well taken.  However I must emphasize that disconnecting 
> the antenna is only 1/2 of the issue.  You MUST disconnect your ground 
> too, specially if you have any of your equipment plugged in to any AC 
> outlet. The AC mains plus neutral and ground, and having your station 
> ground connected too, is a path for lightning discharge and the path is 
> through your equipment.
> 73
> Bob, K4TAX
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