[TenTec] RASCAL interface and the Orion 565

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Thanks, Bob. The simple thing would have been to put the FSK on pin 5 of the 8-pin connector when the Orion was designed. I know this sounds simple, but I'm sure there was an engineering reason for the change . It could be as simple as where a trace needed to be on a PC board. I changed the cable rather than the transceiver because I didn't a non-standard rig in case I sell it. (Can't imagine that.) 

My reason for using the FSK is that I never have to worry about setting a correct transmit audio level in RTTY. You're right about the guy o the other end not knowing the difference. Modern rigs don't have the problem of opposite sideband generation the old boat anchors did. PSK is still an AFSK mode and the due diligence is required there when setting it up. Guess I'm getting lazy in my old age 

Also, thanks for all you do on the reflector. Always a good read, even when I don't need the info currently. Ya' just never know 




p.s. Still usin g the choke baluns you showed me years ago 

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Thanks for clarification of history on this point.  I have the Omni VII and 
the Eagle and both work correctly with the supplied cable, including the FSK 
mode for the Omni VII.  I do have the Orion manuals here but no Orion radio 
at present.  Sorry if I disclosed incorrect information. 

FYI - the Omni VII has a 5 pin AUX receptacle and the Eagle has a 8 pin AUX 
receptacle.  The Tentec supplied 5 pin DIN connector will correctly plug 
into either one correctly.  Same for the Tentec 712 USB Soundcard interface 
which has a 5 pin DIN connector. 

With the Eagle, pin 5, pin 6, & pin 7 are for yet to be disclosed 

I spend a reasonable amount of time operating the digital modes, all of 
which are audio modes.   In with this I work AFSK being generated via the 
computer software.  Most folks won't know the difference on either end.  I 
do the same for CW as well.  In all cases, the radio is in the USB mode.  I 
have used the FSK mode, mostly to confirm certain applications and the exact 
frequency shift of the radio and firmware.  The supplied cable and 
completing the circuit on the correct connector on the dongle does work as 

Bob, K4TAX 

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> Rick, 
> You are 100% correct about the TenTec supplied cable for the FSK lead. The 
> cable provided is the same as for the Omni VII. Unfortunately, when the 
> Orion II was designed (I have both Orion II & Omni VII) the FSK lead was 
> moved from pin 5 to pin 7 of the connector. This cost me a lot of time 
> because I blindly trusted the supplied cable in setting up FSK operation 
> of the Orion II. 
> A call to TenTec was answered with a statement that the cable is a 
> standard commercial product and that no 'correct' cable is available. So, 
> the answer was to replace the connector on the supplied cable with the 
> connector provided goodies bag that came with the Orion II and put the 
> leads on the correct pins. It's do-able (my 68 year old eyes and shaky 
> hands don't help) but is one of my very few rubs with TenTec. It's absurd 
> to me that an 'incorrect' cable is supplied with transceiver in this price 
> class. 
> 73 
> Dave 
> WA3F 
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> Jack is correct the Orion AUX jack has output that can be used for AFSK . 
> FSK on the other hand is more of an issue. If your friend is using the 
> Ten-Tec AUX cable for FSK I'm afraid he's out of luck. That cable does not 
> bring out the FSK output. He'll have to build up a new cable or perhaps 
> purchase one from a 3rd party. 
> I'm using a US-Interface Navigator and it keys the rig with the PTT on pin 
> 3 and sends FSK on Pin 7 of the AUX jack. It has it's own DIN connector 
> and privides access to all pins on the Orion's AUX jack. 
> Also, if your friend has an "early" 565 he may need to add a 10k pull up 
> resistor between pin 7 of the AUX connector and pin 8 of the REMOTE jack. 
> http://www.ad4c.us/Tentec%20HF%20manuals_/Orion%20II/02Orion%2520FSK.pdf 
> 73, 
> Rick 
> VE7TK 
> Website: http://www.ve7tk.com 
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> That is very good Jack, the problem is that I am not the owner of the 
> Orion but 
> my friend W0TT is. I am trying to get him on RTTY. 
> Maybe you could send me a note off line on what cables you are talking 
> about? 
> We do want to be able to use FSK and NOT AFSK. And do CW without changing 
> cables. Joe K0BX Stop the insanity! 
> Please do not add me to any distribution lists (Joke, Stories or Junk) 
> without 
> my permission. ________________________________ 
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> Subject: Re: [TenTec] RASCAL interface and the Orion 565 One does not need 
> a Rascal for RTTY with the Orion. one can use the cables that 
> came with Orion for RTTY direct to the computer. I have done exactly that 
> for 
> all the years I have had my Orions 565, mostly CW but MixW3 will do all 
> modes 
> just about with the above cable connections to computer. 
> jack 
> ak7o 
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