[TenTec] Orion display..time for replacement

Gene Story gfstory at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 21 12:42:38 EDT 2012

Hi Denton -
You mentioned you have 13.9 vdc "at power supply".   If you have not  
already done this, please measure the voltage (with the radio turned  
on) at the back of the Orion.  Been there, done this for other issues  
I first noticed visually on my display.  Ideally, do this check  
inside the Orion but for starters, get on the pins on the back of the  
Orion.  While it sounds like you may actually have an LCD or LCD  
related problem, I would definitely make sure your incoming power  
inside the radio is correct, even if you still have to work on the  
LCD problem.

Absolutely the best radio I have ever had, or used.  But the back  
panel DC power connector could stand to be made from heavier duty  
mechanically and higher amperage-rated pins suitable to accept  
heavier gauge connecting wire.  The pins and socket connectors used  
are capable for the task when in good condition.  But these male and  
female pins are not terribly durable.  While I have re-worked mine to  
make good contact, I expect the walls of pins and sockets to go soft  
again with some inevitable wire movement.

When I need to open up my Orion for it's next battery change or other  
purpose, I have decided to make a pigtail with heavy duty power cable  
that will  exit the rear of the radio about 18 to 24 inches with  
individual inline heavy duty fuse holders and terminate into ANDERSON  
Power Pole connectors.  I decided against mounting PP's to the rear  
of the radio, instead opting for a pigtail that allows for some  
flexibility in movement.  PP housings are not that forgiving but not  
bad.   I have considered other chassis mounted connectors but I think  
best results would be pigtailed PP's with locking clip to hold both  
halves together.  Besides, beyond a suitable strain relief,  
pigtailing would not require modifying the rear panel. Plus PP's  
provide some level of standardization for connectivity between many  
ham stations, field locations, EOC use, etc.  It could be neat if TEN- 
TEC would consider offering this type of EOC compatible option at a  
nominal fee when radios come in for service.  Maybe even a production  
line change for new 566's.

Gene  /  K7TXO

On Oct 21, 2012, at 8:29 AM, denton wrote:

> Hi all..
> I have a TT Orion that has developed what looks like a purple blob  
> in the lower left hand corner of the display...also on boot up of  
> the rig in the am on a cool morning the display will be kinda faint  
> for a bit. Seems to be related to room temperature. I like to have  
> the house rather cool at night at about 64f.
> Power supply voltage from my Astron 35 is tweeked to just below  
> 13.9 vdc at power supply output and have replaced one bulging cap  
> on the power distributing board with the recommended one from Moser.
> Time to replace the Orions display? If so, how big a job and what  
> do they cost from TT.
> Thanks, de Denton WB7TDG
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