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Bob McGraw - K4TAX RMcGraw at Blomand.net
Mon Oct 29 23:10:17 EDT 2012

F  Y  I -   I ran 10 watts with the Argonaut VI this weekend.  With this I 
achieved a good deal of my beta testing objectives.   It takes a good 
antenna, a darn good receiver, and good operator skill.   As a result, I 
made lots of contacts using a super radio.

Bob, K4TAX

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>> Steve, thank you for your input on this very troubling topic. As well as
>> being the Net Control for the TEN-TEC 20 meter and 40 meter SSB Nets, I 
>> am
>> also an Official Observer with the ARRL.
>> During the past decade as an Official Observer, I have personally seen
>> these kinds of "contests" get out of hand and deterioate every year.
>> There is a very selfish self-centered attitude on many of the
>> "contestors", with little and most times no regard for other peoples
>> rights and privileges when operating on the Amateur Radio Bands.
>> This is a hobby and with holding an Amateur Radio License, comes
>> responsibility, which seems to be "thrown out the window" when it comes 
>> to
>> contesting.
>> As of Official Observer with the ARRL, I spend a lot of time monitoring
>> and I hear many "hams" bragging about the high power linear amplifiers
>> they use for contesting and will do whatever it takes to gain an 
>> advantage
>> over their opponents.
>> We are not their opponents, rather we are legally licensed Amateur Radio
>> Operators and have the right to operate on certain bands. I received my
>> Amateur Radio License before the FCC in Philadelphia and have been a ham
>> operator for
>> 35 years.
>> The FCC along with the ARRL has the overdue responsibility to come up 
>> with
>> a plan for "contestors" to operate on a specific segment of the ham 
>> bands,
>> especially away from emergency nets, which have been used to save 
>> people's
>> lives.
>> The problem today is that there is little or no enforcement on the ham
>> bands since Riley Hollingsworth retired several years ago. There are
>> certain frequencies on 20 and 75 meters where fighting, profanity and
>> recordings are prevelant and have been going on since Riley retired.
>> Many act with impunity and these frequencies are far worse than anything
>> you will ever hear on the CB bands. It's time for "hams" to speak up by
>> contacting the FCC, ARRl and your Congressmen and Senators.
>> I receive emails from many ham operators in other countries asking me why
>> the FCC allows these things to continue. Unfortunately, I do not have an
>> answer for them.
>> If everyone on the ham bands would read the Amateurs Code and practice it
>> everyday, most of these problems would be eliminated. Thank you.
>> John, K3UR
>> http://www.qrz.com/db/k3ur
>> John D. Occhipinti, K3UR
>> Net Control, TEN-TEC SSB Net
>> http://k3ur.com
>> The Voice of Atlanta
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>> Everywhere
>>>I agree! There is no reason a contest has to take up the whole band,
>>> especially the most popular and useful band. There should be room for
>>> all in this hobby with no bullies.
>>> Steve
>>> tentecguy wrote:
>>>> I am not one to critique many things people do in this hobby, but
>>>> contesting is never done in a fashion which is conducive or respectful
>>>> to others on the band. It is a "free for all" most times with loud,
>>>> splatter filled signals and horrible operating practices. If you want
>>>> to appreciate how bad it really is, imagine this... I work 2 weekends
>>>> a month leaving only two in which to enjoy rare weekend excursions on
>>>> the bands. Imagine running down to your basement, firing up you radio
>>>> looking to rag chew with friends and hearing that crap everywhere.
>>>> Use the WARC bands you say? Well that's fine IF the person you like to
>>>> talk to can actually be heard on the WARC bands.. How about imposing
>>>> band segments where this can be done or limiting a contest to a
>>>> specific band. Well that wouldn't be fair now would it? Imagine how I
>>>> feel when every non warc band is polluted with operators who drop
>>>> themselves in the middle of a QSO or net like a drunken sailor.
>>>> Sorry to rant, but I am not much of a contester or rude operator, just
>>>> someone who wanted to make contacts this weekend only to have to
>>>> listen to a mosh-pit of lousy operators all weekend.

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