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Bob McGraw - K4TAX RMcGraw at Blomand.net
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When you power up the radio it will show 4 digits for about 2 seconds. 
Current version is 1.823.  Note the small numbers at the bottom of the 
display will be the serial number for the radio.

I'd get familiar with the radio for a few days.  If you have the version 
installed as listed above then you are up to date.  You will need to 
download and stall a Windows driver from the Tentec website.  Then you can 
download the latest version should you not have it installed.  Updating is 
easy once you have the driver installed.  It uses a  USB cable from the back 
of the radio to the computer.  There are instructions on the Tentec website 
the covers and explains the driver install and radio update process.

Bob, K4TAX

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> Hello to all.
> I have a new Eagle. Here are a couple of "new owner" questions--
> I just received the rig from Ten Tec a few days ago. I love it and I have 
> learned the menu functions pretty well. It blows away anything I have ever 
> used-- (CW at my QTH forever!).
> I am curious-how do I tell what software version was factory installed? Or 
> what software version it is currently using? Or am I unable to see it (?)
> Another query- I am tempted to leave the software alone. Is there a great 
> advantage to upgrading to the latest software version? Should I care one 
> way or another?
> I don't want to make an error  and "brick" my new radio! I saw on another 
> Eagle user group where a guy did just that. I am pretty computer literate 
> but all it takes is one wrong move!!
> Thanks for any responses. Either here or off reflector would be 
> appreciated!
> Mike N8MRS (ex N8CRF)
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