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Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Tue Oct 30 22:05:03 EDT 2012

On 10/30/2012 9:22 PM, Michael A. Goltz wrote:

Is there a great advantage to upgrading to the latest software version?

	My take is two-fold:   First, you can try any firmware
	version and revert back to any other at any time, so you
	have little to lose by trying any version, including the
	latest version.

	Second, you can look at the firmware history and see
	what features or aspects have been modified in each
	firmware update, and decide whether or not that
	will matter to you.   If you try multiple versions, you
	might like one version for some things, and another for 	
	other things.   For example, I have an Omni VII, and
	I like certain feature updates in one version, but not the
	changes to the NR feature, which I prefer the way it works
	in another version.   You may find you like the way
	some features work in one version, versus the way they
	work in another version, and that might determine which
	one you use... you might even use one firmware version
	for one application, such as rag chewing, while preferring
	another version for contesting.

	I know of no downside to changing versions forward
	and back again on any date at any time.

> I don't want to make an error  and "brick" my new radio!

	I am not sure you can do that.   I think that is
	one of the best features of computer or processor
	based rigs - the fact that, if you get it all screwed up,
	you can revert to mfr default settings in an instant.
	Example - on Field Day, a local ham loaned his  Orion II
	to the club for FD.    The guys messed with his settings,
	and decided it was a lousy radio... and were afraid
	he would be mad when he got it back, because they
	had messed it all up.   I suggested they just revert
	back to the TT default settings, because it is a pretty
	good radio they way it comes from the factory.
	Eventually, I convinced them that is what the owner
	will do, anyway, he will revert to default settings
	and then dial up his preferred  changes, rather than
	try to undo all their changes.   They finally trusted
	me on this, and found the default settings were
	pretty good, and decided the rig was OK after all.

	Long story... sorry... to prove the value of firmware
	and processor based rigs is that you can instantly
	revert to factory settings, and it will play great
	that way - so you cannot go wrong... you cannot
	'brick" it, because if you do not like what you have
	done, you just re-set it and start over.

	Some of the local guys had difficulty with our
	Omni VIIs and Orion IIs during the contest, and
	the rookie operator (i.e., me)  saved the day by
	just restoring both rigs to factory defaults.

	Just a couple of examples to indicate how much
	you will come to appreciate that feature.

I saw on another Eagle user group where a guy did just that. I am pretty 
computer literate but all it takes is one wrong move!!

	Nah... see above.

	I have an Omni VII, and my friends at the
	contest station have an OmniVII,  an Omni VI,
	an Orion II, and I am sure you will love your
	TenTec experience.

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