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John Huffman hjohnc at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 14:42:06 EDT 2013

John -

Thanks for the information.  It helps to know what's going on.

When things slow down on service turn-around and jobs are not filled, 
one begins to wonder about the long term viability of the company.  
Service is an important consideration when buying a new radio or keeping 
an old one.

What I hear you saying is that this is a temporary glitch due to an 
overwhelming number of Orions that are being sent in.

After I called and got the 6-8 week message, I called a week later and 
spoke directly to Paul.  He was more optimistic and said his plan was 4 
weeks.  Since my Orion has now been there 3 weeks, I am encouraged.  We 
talked about hiring a new tech and that was an interesting discussion.

In any event, my confidence in Ten Tec is buoyed up based on your 
message.  Your participation in this mailing list has become a major 
factor in customer loyalty.

73 de K1ESE

On 6/13/2013 10:03 AM, John Henry wrote:
> TEN-TEC does have an opening for a service tech, and the main rig that
> service tech worked on is the Orion models. So, if anyone nearby wants to
> apply, get with Paul Clinton in service and see what happens.
> Depending upon the nature of the problem it might affect service turn
> around, but, we are having production techs handle servicing at the moment
> and also one of the Orion engineers is handling the more difficult repairs.
> On average though, they get out rigs per week as fast as when we had a
> dedicated service repair person.
> I think what really impacted service times on the Orion is the changes in
> the latest firmware revision. The latest software releases provide features
> that improved the performance to a point that people are hauling out their
> Orion's out of the closet and placing them back on the bench as the main
> transceiver again. We are running into a lot of rigs that were "mothballed"
> and for whatever reason now have some issues. So we are getting bombarded
> with a LOT of rigs whose problems would have been resolved over years, now
> all at once. I guess that is a problem with continuing on with software
> updates providing new features taking them to new performance levels,
> 1 - we don't sell new rigs (why buy a new rig when the performance level of
> the Orions are now jumping ahead of competition? SAF for example, best
> feature added (per several customers inputs) to any rig in years)
> 2 - we have to service more rigs. (rigs that were put in storage, off the
> shelf, and due to whatever reason now exhibit issues that need repair).
> I'll quit rambling and get back to work. Enjoy
> Thanks, and 73,
> John Henry, KI4JPL
> TEN-TEC Engineering
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