[TenTec] 238A-C roller inductor

Phil Sussman psussman at pactor.com
Wed Jun 19 11:14:26 EDT 2013

Ah, my first days with a roller inductor tuner. "Roller Inductors don't
wear out .. they just get dirty contacts."

Oh well, they do MELT as my MFJ did. All I did (after I tuned it on low
power) was apply 400w on 80m into a G5RV. Whoops. Smoke !! It was rated 2Kw.

Went out and bought a Nye-Viking M-B-V and still using it to this day.
Years later -- no problems.

73 de Phil - N8PS

PS. Golly your 'roller inductor' story brought back some old memories,
or rather I should say, foul smells of melted components. Whew - PU !!


Quoting Wade Staggs <tvman1954 at gmail.com>:

> I must agree with Bob/K4TAX ... My MFJ-989C Tuner is not built anywhere
> close to the quality of your Tuner. I bought it new in 1995 and by never
> tuning under high power, the only issue with it was from being not used for
> a couple of years. When it came out of Moth Balls and returned to service.
> After a good going over and cleaning with DeOxit, all is well. I also
> checked all mechanical pieces for dried lubricants and used a light oil
> where needed. Most Roller Inductors don't Wear Out .... they just get Dirty
> Contacts and such.
> 73 from Wade/KJ4WS
> On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 3:27 PM, denton sprague  
> <denton at oregontrail.net>wrote:
>> Got a nice used(again)238A TT tuner and the roller inductor is getting a
>> tad long in the tooth…
>> Priced a new one out of TT but can't justify it right now.
>> Has anyone installed an aftermarket inductor in  their TT tuner…if so, can
>> you send me the details. Thanks...
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