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Minor correction.  With a TX BW of 2800 and a roll off of 150 the top end is actually at 2950 Hz.  I think that too would be quite acceptable.


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I basically agree with James, "what's wide?". How was it determined that it was wide? If the TX BW is 2800 Hz and the TX Low End Roll-off is 150 Hz then the transmitted bandwidth is 2650 Hz. In general that is will within the technical acceptable standards for SSB bandwidth.Could it be that the Orion II audio along with the B-1 mike and the VX-2000 is really very clean and thus "sounds" wide? Could be. Many radios on the bands today along with the hosts of mikes and applications being used do not have really clean audio. One thing I've enjoyed about Tentec radios, they have great audio, both on receive and transmit.Things that make audio sound wide could be excessive ALC action meaning the MIC audio level is too high and the ALC is very active. Another thing is a bit of RF getting into the audio that causes a splatter sounding audio while in actuality the transmitted bandwidth is not wider than the definition of the filter system, low end and
 TX BW settings.Do head for the manual and the adjustments for the TX Low frequency roll-off and the TX SSB BW values. To keep things simple, I would start with a mike connected direct to the MIC input and not use anything else until one is satisfied all is working correctly. Then add in the AUX equipment and observe the results.
Bob, K4TAX  

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