[TenTec] Orion 2 situation

Roger Rippy svtincup at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 30 08:21:33 EDT 2013

I have re-read Jim Wharton's open letter to the group a couple of times and I cannot help but 
wonder what the details were that led to this decision. Typically, a business will continue with
a product as long as there is sufficient demand (Supply & Demand = Cost). With the Kenwood 990
at $8K; the Icom 7800 at $13K; and the Yaseu FTDX at whatever $$$, I might suspect that the 
demand for this fine radio did not warrant a price increase and continued production. Oh well,
the Omni 6 and Triton 4 are running well at the moment and my next new radio is in the UPS
pipeline this weekend. Now to deal with this weekend's propagation! hi hi  I certainly hope
that TT produces another high quality radio in the not-too-distant future. 73s W7RIP

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