[TenTec] Orion 2 situation

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two of the original Orions, built close to the front of the production of 
the Orion line sit side by side on my desk. I am running the last of the 
1.xxx firmware on both. I had to change the internal battery on both radios 
last year. otherwise they work just like they did new. it has been several 
years since the original Orion was replaced with the O 2. so long as Ten Tec 
supports them when I may ever need that, I am happy.

my last tube radio was a Drake TR-4 with outboard vfo RV-3 that ran 25 years 
before it began to fail. even then tubes were the problem.

it is sad to see the Orion series cease to be manufactured. however they 
lost some to the K3 series which is now THE radio in the Utah DX Association 
especially on Field Day.

I hope too that Ten Tec builds another radio similar to the Orion for about 
the same money and with the quality of the latest offerings by the big names 
and on the order of the K3 with incremental additions/improvements that can 
be done at home.


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I have re-read Jim Wharton's open letter to the group a couple of times and 
I cannot help but
wonder what the details were that led to this decision. Typically, a 
business will continue with
a product as long as there is sufficient demand (Supply & Demand = Cost). 
With the Kenwood 990
at $8K; the Icom 7800 at $13K; and the Yaseu FTDX at whatever $$$, I might 
suspect that the
demand for this fine radio did not warrant a price increase and continued 
production. Oh well,
the Omni 6 and Triton 4 are running well at the moment and my next new radio 
is in the UPS
pipeline this weekend. Now to deal with this weekend's propagation! hi hi  I 
certainly hope
that TT produces another high quality radio in the not-too-distant future. 
73s W7RIP
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