[TenTec] Corsair 560 connectors

Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP Rick at DJ0IP.de
Sat Oct 5 00:23:30 EDT 2013

It's probably not as bad as you think, Roger.
On some of the boards the "T" voltage was on pin #2 and T/R is on pin 6.
When you move the plug the wrong way, one of these shorts to ground because
pins 1 and 7 are ground.

This probably only blows a 20 cent transistor on the control board.
When that happens, even if you connect the connector properly, the rig will
not know whether it is in TX or RX mode so you end up with a dead rig.

So maybe all is not lost.
20 cents can't get you a cup of coffee anymore but it can sometimes fix a

Gud Luk

Rick, DJ0IP

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I'm telling on myself here but watch out when messing with connectors. I
accidentally offset a connector by one pin on the control board of a Corsair
and blew the receiver up. Messed up a perfectly good rig and I'm sick about
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