[TenTec] OT: TS-990S review in absentia

Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP Rick at DJ0IP.de
Thu Oct 17 11:35:31 EDT 2013

If y'all are wondering what John is talking about, you can download Rob's
latest test results (Version "M") of the TS-990 from my web site, here:

Curious how much the RMDR varies by band.  On some bands it is nearly 100dB
(30m) while others it's as low as 85dB (17m). Mind you, 85dB is still a good
value but not best in class.

One thing to point out is the different in 2kHz dynamic range between the
1st and 2nd RX.  Like the Orions prior to the optional [Eagle] 2nd RX, the
1st RX is better than the 2nd RX.

All in all it is an excellent transceiver but out of my price range by about
a factor of 4! 

Rick, DJ0IP

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A review of the Kenwood TS-990S has yet to appear in the pages of QST.
With the November issue out, the earliest it can appear now is the December
issue, a seemingly long wait from its date of introduction in March (?) of
this year. (The review of the new Argonaut came and went in less time.)

Pure speculation, but I wonder what is holding up the review? It's a complex
rig. Is it possible there's been an extended back-and-forth with the
manufacturer over issues uncovered by the lab? We'll never know, of course.
Rob Sherwood uncovered some anomalies, such as the main receiver's variable
IMD3 performance on some bands (30 meters being the best, 20 meters not so
good). And, given the way ARRL reports its findings, I don't know
how/whether they can/will segregate the IMD3 data by band.

Just musing.


John, W3ULS
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