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> Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 14:33:06 -0400
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> Subject: [TenTec] Rebel
> The Rebel Model 506 is intended to be a platform that attracts a whole
> different set of hams. Those that are software developers and want to
> tinker around with some code to make the rig do what they want.
> For example, at the moment, it doesn't tell you the output power level,
> but, if you want it to show you the power level, we provided a hardware
> hook that you can read and convert to output power level.
> Display? no, there is no display on it, but, the display code is already
> written, and all one has to do is buy a $10 display, plug it in, and see
> what frequency they are on.
> There will be optional covers in the future where you can add on as many
> "shields" as you want. (A shield is a board that either the customer
> designs or we design and plugs into a ChipKIT UNO32). The TEN-TEC "Radio
> Shield" has the necessary connectors so that anyone can design or add their
> own shield. The "Radio Shield" that TEN-TEC designed inside the 506 gives
> the ChipKIT UNO32 two bands and CW capabilities. You want to add an RX
> equalizer? well, the boards already exist online and all one has to do is
> write the code, add it to the TEN-TEC software stack that is open source,
> and you now have an equalizer. Make your own sweep board from the IF.
> This is a builders kit for software developers to start.
> It is also a builders kit for someone who wants to design their own circuit
> board and add it on as a shield and add functionality to it.
> The only limit to what this little qrp rig will do is the limit to one's
> own imagination.
> Hams are always asking us to make rigs that they can write the software
> for, well, this is the first.
> Download the code, add a switch that will switch the jumpers through a
> control line, and now you don't have to change bands via the jumpers.
> As software is written by the open source crowd, TEN-TEC will review it for
> inclusion in future "official" TEN-TEC base code sets for the 506.
> We wanted to keep it as inexpensive as possible while still providing the
> software developer open source capability. To add the features that would
> make it compete with much higher priced rigs, would have driven the cost up
> up up.
> This product is already being shown and getting rave reviews from the Maker
> Faire community, and in turn, it is bringing more software programmer types
> into the Amateur community. I call them the "Heathkit Kids of
> Yesteryear"..... THAT is one big source of innovation that will only
> improve the hobby going into the future.
> But yes, jumpers? well, time will tell.
> Thanks, and 73,
> John Henry, KI4JPL
> TEN-TEC Engineering
> > internal jumpers to change bands?
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