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Wed Sep 4 08:53:00 EDT 2013


  Well said, we appreciate your efforts. I deeply respect Ten-TEC for 
its efforts and products, and its outstanding service and support 
(software and hardware).

On 9/4/2013 7:19 AM, John Henry wrote:
> PC Anderson,
> It is ok if it doesn't fit everyone's needs.
> I look at this new venture like this.
> 1 - We are trying to draw new blood into the amateur market. The biggest
> gains in Amateur Radio come in when someone has fresh new ideas, and this
> will hopefully bring a lot of fresh new ideas into the hobby and into
> contesting.
> 2 - If it doesn't fit someone's needs, fine, there are no "one size fits
> all rigs".
> 3 - This took maybe 5 hours of my time over the last 6 mos. So, it did not
> interfere with me completing software for existing rigs, other research
> projects etc. This was all done by one of our Engineering Technicians.
> (with help from testing by dozens of hams and others internally as well)
> In the meantime, we've been able to generate a new release candidate for
> the Orion 565, I'm only waiting on one final discussion on whether to
> release it yet or not.
> We were also able to generate a new release candidate for the Orion 566.
> We are also working on a new release for the OMNI-VII 588 to address
> Ethernet transmit.
> There are other products that we are working on, but I can't discuss them
> until they are finished.
> The aforementioned updates and some of the new products we will be coming
> out with over the next year or two will hopefully keep your faith in
> Thanks, and 73,
> John Henry, KI4JPL
> TEN-TEC Engineering
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