[TenTec] Rebel

John Henry jhenry at tentec.com
Wed Sep 4 08:19:07 EDT 2013

PC Anderson,
It is ok if it doesn't fit everyone's needs.
I look at this new venture like this.
1 - We are trying to draw new blood into the amateur market. The biggest
gains in Amateur Radio come in when someone has fresh new ideas, and this
will hopefully bring a lot of fresh new ideas into the hobby and into
2 - If it doesn't fit someone's needs, fine, there are no "one size fits
all rigs".
3 - This took maybe 5 hours of my time over the last 6 mos. So, it did not
interfere with me completing software for existing rigs, other research
projects etc. This was all done by one of our Engineering Technicians.
(with help from testing by dozens of hams and others internally as well)

In the meantime, we've been able to generate a new release candidate for
the Orion 565, I'm only waiting on one final discussion on whether to
release it yet or not.
We were also able to generate a new release candidate for the Orion 566.
We are also working on a new release for the OMNI-VII 588 to address
Ethernet transmit.
There are other products that we are working on, but I can't discuss them
until they are finished.
The aforementioned updates and some of the new products we will be coming
out with over the next year or two will hopefully keep your faith in

Thanks, and 73,
John Henry, KI4JPL
TEN-TEC Engineering

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