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Wed Sep 4 12:44:44 EDT 2013

I think Wade's Emer was "Elmer Fudd"! (hi)

Guys, the core of this is not about the Rebel, not at all.
It's about how we each feel about Software Defined Radios, ESPECIALLY when
they have no knobs.

We can all choose to like or dislike such a radio, but that shouldn't
tarnish our opinion of what Ten-Tec has accomplished here.

THINK ABOUT IT:  One of the major criticisms I have observed of all of these
new SDR radios (dating back to the Orion 1, and perhaps even the Paragon and
Pegasus) as well as for similar radios of other brands is: 
"The manufacturer can't write code fast enough to please the users, so why
don't they make the source code open? That way many good software
programmers can work at it simultaneously."


Although this is just a tiny little QRP rig, the approach is brand new.

If this works out, who knows what will follow!
Maybe one day we will have our Orion-16 with 100% open and outsourced code!


Rick, DJ0IP

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I remember one dark morning when my Elmer stated that Color TV would never
last! Too much Circuitry and too complicated. This same man told me that SSB
Phone was too hard to get right and would Never be a reliable mode of
communications. When Solid State came along, he predicted that tubes would
make a comeback soon, because Transistors were not as reliable. This was
many years ago. I wonder what he would think today after sitting down in
front of an Omni VII ? Or, how amazing my simple Flip Phone ... Cell Phone
would be to him now.
.......... This " Rebel " is just the start of something new...  I never
want to be like my old Elmer and doom something that I don't yet understand.
Heck, back in the day, I learned the DOS operating system and it's commands.
Not much use for DOS anymore? Here is a Reasonably Priced QRP Rig that has
the Potential to do a Lot More. My only hope is, for a Rebel Users Group on
the Internet. And support from Ten Tec with the programming. Time for your
light to shine Ten Tec. Where do I get Ardudiggy Doo 1.1 and start on this
New Journey? Who will start the Support Group?
Since John Henry has Nothing Else to do .... hi .. hi ... I nominate him!
Hello Al, be watching your mailbox about Friday 9/4/2013......


On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 8:48 AM, Al Gulseth <wb5jnc at centurytel.net> wrote:

> John,
> I'm with you on this one. While the Rebel is competitive as a QRP rig 
> in its own right, I also see it positioned for someone like a young 
> teen neighbor of mine who (while I haven't had much time to actually 
> work with him) I would describe as a "tinker" type and who has at 
> least expressed a possible interest in ham radio AND learning the 
> code. As I think we are all aware, his generation is very 
> computer-oriented (I'm thinking of the appeal of tinkering with the 
> code in the open source control software), and the price of the Rebel 
> is within reach with saving up from lawn mowing or flipping burgers 
> part time (or whatever else his generation does to earn income!)
> That being said, (for your end John!) I also could see a future Rebel 
> II/III with front panel/software control switching for say four or six 
> bands....
> 73, Al
> On Wed September 4 2013 7:19:07 am John Henry wrote:
> > PC Anderson,
> > It is ok if it doesn't fit everyone's needs.
> > I look at this new venture like this.
> > 1 - We are trying to draw new blood into the amateur market. The 
> > biggest gains in Amateur Radio come in when someone has fresh new 
> > ideas, and this will hopefully bring a lot of fresh new ideas into 
> > the hobby and into contesting.
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