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Wed Sep 4 14:56:16 EDT 2013

Hello Rick,
                 No, he wasn't Elmer Fudd. But, he was an old Fuddy Duddy.
Although he held the Commercial First Class, I could never get the point
across that a Bi-Polar Transistor mimicked the Triode Tube, except for the
Voltage, Current and Input and Output Impedance. I am now gone to check out
the Rebel News Group! If it didn't have a Heater Voltage, he would not
touch it. Integrated Circuits were a thing of the Devil.... I certainly
hope that  Many of the Fine Hams we have here will not adopt that attitude
about the Rebel and SDR Radio's in general....... Just trying to make a
point. As these new Programmers get better and I learn more, I look forward
Great Things to keep me busy in my Rocking Chair. And ... as you said....


On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 11:44 AM, Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP <Rick at dj0ip.de> wrote:

> I think Wade's Emer was "Elmer Fudd"! (hi)
> Guys, the core of this is not about the Rebel, not at all.
> It's about how we each feel about Software Defined Radios, ESPECIALLY when
> they have no knobs.
> We can all choose to like or dislike such a radio, but that shouldn't
> tarnish our opinion of what Ten-Tec has accomplished here.
> THINK ABOUT IT:  One of the major criticisms I have observed of all of
> these
> new SDR radios (dating back to the Orion 1, and perhaps even the Paragon
> and
> Pegasus) as well as for similar radios of other brands is:
> "The manufacturer can't write code fast enough to please the users, so why
> don't they make the source code open? That way many good software
> programmers can work at it simultaneously."
> Although this is just a tiny little QRP rig, the approach is brand new.
> Revolutionary.
> If this works out, who knows what will follow!
> Maybe one day we will have our Orion-16 with 100% open and outsourced code!
> 73
> Rick, DJ0IP
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> I remember one dark morning when my Elmer stated that Color TV would never
> last! Too much Circuitry and too complicated. This same man told me that
> Phone was too hard to get right and would Never be a reliable mode of
> communications. When Solid State came along, he predicted that tubes would
> make a comeback soon, because Transistors were not as reliable. This was
> many years ago. I wonder what he would think today after sitting down in
> front of an Omni VII ? Or, how amazing my simple Flip Phone ... Cell Phone
> would be to him now.
> .......... This " Rebel " is just the start of something new...  I never
> want to be like my old Elmer and doom something that I don't yet
> understand.
> Heck, back in the day, I learned the DOS operating system and it's
> commands.
> Not much use for DOS anymore? Here is a Reasonably Priced QRP Rig that has
> the Potential to do a Lot More. My only hope is, for a Rebel Users Group on
> the Internet. And support from Ten Tec with the programming. Time for your
> light to shine Ten Tec. Where do I get Ardudiggy Doo 1.1 and start on this
> New Journey? Who will start the Support Group?
> Since John Henry has Nothing Else to do .... hi .. hi ... I nominate him!
> Hello Al, be watching your mailbox about Friday 9/4/2013......
> Wade/KJ4WS
> On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 8:48 AM, Al Gulseth <wb5jnc at centurytel.net> wrote:
> > John,
> >
> > I'm with you on this one. While the Rebel is competitive as a QRP rig
> > in its own right, I also see it positioned for someone like a young
> > teen neighbor of mine who (while I haven't had much time to actually
> > work with him) I would describe as a "tinker" type and who has at
> > least expressed a possible interest in ham radio AND learning the
> > code. As I think we are all aware, his generation is very
> > computer-oriented (I'm thinking of the appeal of tinkering with the
> > code in the open source control software), and the price of the Rebel
> > is within reach with saving up from lawn mowing or flipping burgers
> > part time (or whatever else his generation does to earn income!)
> >
> > That being said, (for your end John!) I also could see a future Rebel
> > II/III with front panel/software control switching for say four or six
> > bands....
> >
> > 73, Al
> >
> > On Wed September 4 2013 7:19:07 am John Henry wrote:
> > > PC Anderson,
> > > It is ok if it doesn't fit everyone's needs.
> > > I look at this new venture like this.
> > > 1 - We are trying to draw new blood into the amateur market. The
> > > biggest gains in Amateur Radio come in when someone has fresh new
> > > ideas, and this will hopefully bring a lot of fresh new ideas into
> > > the hobby and into contesting.
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