[TenTec] Problem with Model 263 VFO

Jock Irvine jock.irvine at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 15:41:35 EDT 2013

I have a Model 263 VFO that quickly "jump frequencys" a few hundred Hertz
and then back to the original freq.  It makes it impossible to use for
either SSB or CW.  It never did this before, but it was in storage for
almost ten years and I've just recently started to use it again.  Here's
what's happens:

RECEIVE B: Frequency jumps around
RECEIVE A&B (With knob turned all the way to B): Frequency is stable
TRANSMIT B - RECEIVE A and hold down REVERSE button: Frequency is stable

Any ideas?  I'm thinking it's either a bad switch or some adjustment is
needed.  The PTO seems okay because I can use it for hours on the Receive
A&B setting with no problems.

Thanks and 73,
Jock - N1JI

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