[TenTec] TT Scout module mods.

Stuart Rohre rohre at arlut.utexas.edu
Fri Sep 13 16:21:23 EDT 2013

The problem with the attaining the LF band transmit capability is that 
this is so far out of the usual tuning range of the Scout rig, that 
things like capacitance values for bypass won't be optimum, and RF 
chokes will be out of range for the low frequency.  Even the transistors 
may not optimally work at LF without total circuit redesign.

What would be more practical, is to modify the Scout to the QRP model 
which just bypasses the final.  You remove 12 volts from it, and move 
some coax jumpers to have the band module tune the driver.

Then, you build a Transverter to down convert a higher RF band, like 80m 
to drive a transmitter circuit optimized for the LF band.  Issues are to 
not overdrive the transverter, and to limit output power on the low band 
to FCC rigid low power specs.

-Stuart Rohre

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