[TenTec] TT Keyer Collection

knoxcol at aol.com knoxcol at aol.com
Mon Sep 16 08:48:04 EDT 2013

Good morning!

It is time to find a good home for my extensive collection of TT Keyers.  My collection includes the following keyers:

Model KR1
Model KR1A
Model KR1B
Model KR5A (two)
Model KR20 (two)
Model KR20A
Model KR40
Model KR50 Ultramatic
Model 604
Model 606
Model 607
Model 645 Ultramatic
Model 645A Ultramatic
Model 670

If anyone is interested in buying this entire collection, please contact me off line via my home e-mail address:  KNOXCOLatAOL.COM.   I do not intend to sell them individually.

Thank you and 73!    
de KD4BRL   Dick

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