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Just an add-on to Lee's final comment.
The Triton Analog is indeed an OUTSTANDING rig for battery work.
It has a convenient feature that the driver puts out about 10w and is
conveniently terminated into an RCA phono plug.

It is possible to unplug the phono plug from the final amp stage, completely
bypass the final stage and run the driver straight to the Low-Pass filters.
Then interrupt the 13v lead to the finals.  You have a wonderful little 10w
QRP transceiver.  Just turn off the dial lamps and you have a current drain
of about 200mA on RX.

Rick, DJ0IP

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Just some thoughts on this.

The Corsair shapes the CW keying envelope at low level.  As long as the
transmit path is linear (and it normally is) the shape is preserved to the
output.  Nice clean transmit signal.  
Reducing the final bias puts the final into a nonlinear mode resulting in
distortion of the keying envelope and most likely key clicks.

I don't see any value in the suggestion of turning the final on with a
toggle switch.  The keying circuitry within the Corsair does that
automatically with proper timing,  resulting in the final drawing bias
current only when transmitting.  Key up.....no current in the final as Rick,
DJ0IP pointed out earlier.

It seems to me the cleanest and very effective way to reduce current would
be to turn the digital display and pilot lamps off when not needed.
Interrupting the DC supply line to the display and lamps should do the trick
but I do not know that for sure.  Once the outer ring of 
the tuning dial is calibrated to the digital dial, it is adequate for
general tuning around.   I 
suspect this will save more current than reducing the final bias since the
current is reduced in both transmit and receive modes instead of transmit

My thoughts.   :-)

BTW   Anyone looking for a power efficient 100 watt rig, check out the
Triton (non digital)   
You  will be amazed how little power that thing uses on receive.  Switch off
the panel lights and it goes even lower!




On 21 Sep 2013 at 9:02, Roy wrote:

> "I have a model 560 corsair that I will use for CW only. Can I adjust 
> the power amp bias for lower idle current and not cause problems?"
> You bet. I run my amps at around 6 mA for CW. Efficiency is increased 
> and things run nice and cool. You can just pull amp up into operate 
> with a toggle switch and leave it during a QSO.
> 73,   Roy    K6XK 
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