[TenTec] Paragon power problem

Robert Mcgraw rmcgraw at blomand.net
Mon Sep 23 07:55:14 EDT 2013

Many times I've found radios of this age/vintage just need a good
connector cleaning.  Very often just unplugging the connector, applying a
very small amount of contact cleaner and then reinserting the plug is all
that's needed to make it perform just like new.

Bob, K4TAX

> The gounding looked goo and all mounting screws has lock washers that bit
> into the board edge traces very well. Actually, after more fiddling
> around I
> may have located the problem. The coax connector from this LL Amp board
> to
> the final amp module may have just gotten a bit dirty such that flexing
> the
> board in the center of the opposite side was causing it to make a poor
> connection. I cleaned the pins on that connector and the power has
> remained
> steady since. I'll be watching it, but for now all seems OK.
> =Vic=
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> Vic,
> As a former owner of a 585 and having sent mine back several times over
> the
> ten years I had it, I learned that some of the board problems had to do
> with
> grounding. In fact one mod was re-solder the corners of the board, put
> star
> washers on both sides and then with a slightly longer screw remount
> securely. Is there any chance you have an intermittent grounding problem
> rather than a bad board?
> 73 ES DX,
> Gary -- AB9M
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> Subject: [TenTec] Paragon power problem
> My 585 paragon has developed an intermittent issue with power dropping
> off
> to QRP levels and the ALC light going off. No other issues exist and the
> signal remains clean and distortion-free when this occurs. Some
> experimenting indicates the problem is with the Low Level Amp/NB board
> which
> is located above the Loop boards enclosure. Flexing the board in the area
> of
> the Q connector replicates the issue and either drops or restores power.
> I
> have cleaned the contacts and even swapped connectors, and reflowed
> solder
> in all the joints in that quarter of the board between that connector and
> Q4, but the problem remains. This board is marked 81560 on the board, and
> is
> slightly different than the 81350 as shown in the manual. Does anyone
> happen
> to have a spare lying around that they would like to part with?
> =Vic=
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