[TenTec] OT: Progresso Soup

Ken Brown ken.d.brown at hawaiiantel.net
Fri Dec 5 22:39:09 EST 2014

This is a missed opportunity to educate children. A tin can telephone 
with the line slack is only a imaginary play object. By showing it with 
the line properly taut a child could copy it and find that it is a 
machine that actually works. A child could learn a lot from that and 
build additional knowledge from experimentation of variations.

  On 12/4/2014 1:51 PM, K3GHH wrote:
> This is almost as OT as they get, so OT foes, hit Delete immediately!
> Is anyone else in our group bugged by the Progresso soup TV ad that 
> features a tin-can "telephone"? Surely some of you, like me, built and 
> tried one as kids. The Progresso ad has the string hanging loose and 
> immediately taking a 90-degree turn when it emerges from the bottom of 
> the soup can. This probably wouldn't bug me so much if a friend and I 
> hadn't been semi-successful with a string and tin can "telephone" back 
> in the 1950s, so I know how they work, and it's not like that!
> I actually emailed Progresso and explained that its ad men could not 
> possibly have ever used such a "telephone," but have not heard back 
> (yet).
> --John K3GHH
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