[TenTec] Noisy Eagle update

Stuart Rohre rohre at arlut.utexas.edu
Thu Dec 11 22:26:15 EST 2014

One problem I have seen that leads to either RF feedback or noise is a 
bad coax jumper cable, if you have a coaxial pass-thru a wall and have 
to use a jumper to your rig.

The most unusual noise problem of late I had, was finding that older 
Japanese UHF female connectors are not compatible with modern PL 259 
plugs in that the plug may have four teeth to engage the SO 239, but the 
import SO 239 only had two notches and not of the same width as 259 
teeth.  This was on an old Dentron Super Tuner.  Paradoxically, one of 
the SO 239's was four notches like it had been changed out.  Why was the 
other one not done as well?  (Little things hard to spot on used 
equipment at ham swaps.)

-Stuart Rohre

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