[TenTec] NB verses NR

Duane Calvin ac5aa1 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 17:37:48 EST 2014

Back when the units we were using were audio DSP units, the Timewave ones
clearly favored CW, as did the NIR ones (which I can't remember the name of)
and the W9GR units tilted toward SSB.  These days it's a crapshoot.  Narrow
filters can often ring like crazy with different kinds of noise entering
them, and narrowing the filter prior to them can make it worse than better
because there is not enough noise signal present to characterize and built a
filter for.  But, now I'm telling you more than I know!

	73, Duane

Duane Calvin, AC5AA
Austin, Texas

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Carl N4PY posted:

> .... Noise Reduction (NR) is a completely different function.  It has only

> been around since DSP starting becoming used in radios.  It works by 
> attempting to find an algorithm that can identify speech and try to remove

> audio not detected as speech.  There are many different algorithms for 
> this with many manufacturers having their own proprietary algorithm ...

Do any of the DSP NR algorithms or schemes favor CW?

73 Chas W3KC 

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