[TenTec] NB verses NR

Carl Moreschi n4py3 at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 14 19:20:15 EST 2014

Well these are all my opinions.  And I'm not a fan of NR at all.  Like I 
said I have never found NR to help copy someone and I have used a lot of 

Things like AGC rate, RF gain, and the correct filter for the situation 
are my tools to fight QRN and QRM.  And I will use NB for the right kind 
of pulse noise as it can do wonders.

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On 12/14/2014 6:59 PM, Richards wrote:
> On 12/14/2014 4:29 PM, Carl Moreschi wrote:
>> No. CW can be handled by selecting as small a bandwidth as possible.
>> SSB on the other hand is much more difficult. That's where all the
>> proprietary schemes come in.
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> Are you limiting your reply to TT radios? I believe the TS-590 has two
> types of NR, and each is sorta targeted for different types of noise. I
> believe the general consensus is NR1 works best (and was intended for)
> SSB, while NR2 works best (and was intended for) CW. Kenwood product
> literature reinforces this impression, so I might conclude some
> manufacturers do target different, and specific NR settings for CW.
> Also, my outboard DSP filters have settings specifically intended for CW.
> This is a broad subject, N'est ce pas?
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