[TenTec] Replacement lighting for T-T 238 Inductor Dial

Clayton Brantley via TenTec tentec at contesting.com
Wed Dec 17 21:32:18 EST 2014

Hello Bob:  I replaced the lamps in my 238 with LEDs from Radio Shack.  The have bright blue/white LED in stock.The LEDs typically light with 1.3 volts at 20 ma.  I used something around 1.5k and soldered the resistor to the centercontact of the old lamp. the LED is soldered to the brass and the free end of the resistor.  The scale for the inductorin not bright at all but you can see the pointer.  The meter is really bright.
Clayton N4EV

      From: Bob Good <k4bg at planters.net>
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 Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2014 8:56 PM
 Subject: [TenTec] Replacement lighting for T-T 238 Inductor Dial
Can someone suggest a bright replacement incandescent or LED for my 238 coupler?  It has been dim since they designed it.  I guess they didn’t figure on me getting old and still using it.  If you suggest LED, please tell me about the necessary resistors or whatever.  The “S” meter is okay but wouldn’t mind replacing it as well.  I think I could devise a way to anchor them to the bulb socket mounts.  Thank you for the reading and help.  Seasons Greetings to all....Regards,  Bob K4BG
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