[TenTec] Orion II Questions

David and Dianne on Comcast dhhdeh at comcast.net
Thu Dec 18 18:08:59 EST 2014

Hi All,

I recently acquired an Orion II and am getting 
used to it more each day. I have two questions for 
any Orion users in the group.

#1- I am using the factory default settings for 
the AGC fast, medium and slow values. Can anyone 
suggest any values that they use which may seem 
better? Is there a tutorial on-line or a 
repository of AGC values maintained anywhere for 
reference? I have not ventured into the 
programmable AGC world yet with the Orion II

#2- In adjusting some… but not all menu values 
with the multi-knob encoder, I find that it 
sometimes generates a bit of “flutter” in between 
some value settings and seems a bit imprecise. Is 
this normal or should I investigate replacing the 
multi-knob encoder at some point? This Orion II is 
quite new dating to spring 2013 manufacture and 
was back to TT in November of this year for a 
check out by them with nothing noted by them in 
this regard. It’s not a biggie but I am curious if 
others have noticed this phenomenon.

I came to the Orion II from the K3, which I still 
own and which I have held as the benchmark for HF 
RX performance since 2008. But this receiver is 
quite spectacular, very special and far more 
pleasing to my ears. Who knew!?! Just a joy to 
use. Digital RX that sounds like old-time analog 
RX. Well done TT!

Thanks for any input that can be given on my two 
questions above.

73 de N1LQ-Dave

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