[TenTec] Eagle 9MHz tap questions.

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It is after the mixer and before the roofing filter.  I don't have the schematics handy where I am at, but I do recall it between those two segments.  I'll be back in my shack later tonight and can look at schematics then.
73 -EricW9WLW
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I've carefully gone over the schematics and can not find the tap. They are
dated 2010 and I can not find any revision notes either. I will really
appreciate it if you can tell me where the 9MHz tap is located. To be
clear, I am not talking about the modification to add a second receiver
that is added after the low pass filters. The 9MHz tap should be somewhere
after the first mixer and before the second mixer. I just don't see it on
the schematics from the tentec web site.


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> Bob,
> I am in the "man cave" watching football and cannot answer your question
> directly; the schematics are online at TT and that is where I found the tap.
> 73
> -Eric
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