[TenTec] The IF tap and panadapter

Katz Ajamas ajamas.rn at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 12:00:36 EST 2014

Here you will find a description of the second receiver/pan-adapter I am
thinking of adding to the Eagle. http://www.afedri-sdr.com select the
"net-sdr". It has 80MHz sample rate and 12 bit. Maximum bandwidth that can
be displayed at one time is 1850kHz so a good chunk of 10 or 6 can be seen
at once. It's small enough and low power enough to attach to the Eagle.

I'm still looking at how well it it can be made to work with CW skimmer. It
does not have input bandpass filters. It's about $270 including ship.

An option is to use the Afedri standalone with some filtering and add in
inexpensive sound card based pan-adapter to the eagle. One possibility is
the softrock lite. $25 with shipping and 9MHz crystal. It will need a
buffer and will benefit from addition of a bandpass filter on the input.
Here it is:

All this is fun but the priority right now is assembling a quiet power
supply. The MFJ 4230MVP is just too noisy on 160/80. MFJ swapped a new one
and it's a little quieter but still noisy enough to blot out weak signals.
I have a 18V CT transformer and will be ordering some filter caps today.

73 for a Merry Christmas!
-Bob ah7i/w4

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